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Kenyans protest after police shoot homeless man dead in Mathare


The killing of an elderly homeless man in Mathare has sparked a wave of protests on Kenyan social media with hundreds of Kenyans demanding justice.

Nairobians join in protests against police brutality

The Standard

A group of activists, raging against police brutality and extrajudicial killings, on Tuesday staged a demonstration at the US embassy in Nairobi, Kenya.

They are the first invisible line


The pandemic locked Maya in Nairobi (Kenya) with her abuser and put her life in danger. Leonarda took her job as a housekeeper in La Paz (Bolivia) and pushed her into an extreme situation.

Women Most Vulnerable to Social Effects of COVID-19 Crisis

Herald Tribune - Latin America

Although the coronavirus pandemic has killed more men, it is women who are the most vulnerable to its social and economic effects, from single mothers in Thailand to domestic abuse victims in Kenya.

They are the first invisible line


Covid-19 killed more men, but women were more exposed to chronic problems, such as male violence or job insecurity. Maya, Leonarda and Wannisa, in three different countries, are part of the battle front against the virus