One of our Survivor Stories we recorded was a lady named Elizabeth. 

She was drugged, raped, forced to drink toilet water, assaulted and beaten almost to death one month ago.

The extent of her injuries included a fractured arm, 8+ teeth lost, dislocated jaw and forcibly plucked hair. Our survivor has been forced to eat and drink through a straw.  She managed to escape, fainted and was assisted by the public.

He even pretended to be a good Samaritan after she escaped and offered to take her to hospital. If one of the women wasn’t keen, they would have let him ‘take her to hospital.’ 

She was taken to the hospital by the good Samaritans and when she felt better, she went to Pangani Police Station to make a report. 

She was at the Police Station, where she was kept waiting for hours. When they finally recorded the incident, she was told to go look for the perpetrator. The instructions were that should she see him, she should call the Investigating Officer so that she would effect arrest. At that point she knew that she would never find justice.  

She went back home, all hopes lost! 

Upon reaching home their watchman told her that many strangers had come looking for her! By the way, the perpetrator knows where she lives and had threatened to kill her! Afraid for her life, she reached out to an organization that brought this matter to us. Elizabeth has been in hiding, and her life completely disrupted.

Two weeks ago, we went live with her harrowing story. With the help of our astute lawyers Amazon Chepkirui and Njeru Muthoni, we have tirelessly worked and tried to trace this perpetrator and tonight a few minutes ago the man has been arrested. 

He’s a legal officer with a parastatal, he has had the money to frustrate justice, but tonight, he is in a police cell and tomorrow we take him to court.

Elizabeth said just because she lived in Mlango Kubwa, had no formal education and didn’t have money didn’t mean she was not worthy of justice or to be treated unfairly. Today the semblance of justice for Elizabeth begins. #justiceforElizabeth.

This is a BIG WIN!

Link to her video:

One Rapist at a time off our streets.