Battered Woman Syndrome Part 2

Women become trapped in abusive relationships for many reasons: –

✓Financial dependence on the abuser

✓Wanting to have a complete family unit for their children’s sake

✓Being afraid to leave

✓Disbelief or denial that the partner is actually abusive

✓Severe depression or low self-esteem that makes them think the abuse is their fault

✓Believing that if the abuser loves them, it’s okay, and they can change the behavior

As a woman becomes trapped in the cycle of abuse, battered woman syndrome can develop, and it becomes increasingly difficult for women to regain control.

What are the signs? A woman in an abusive relationship may:

✓think the abuse is her fault

✓hide the abuse from friends and family

✓fear for her life or the lives of her children

✓irrationally believe that the abuser is all-knowing and can see her every movement

✓be afraid and never know what side of their partner they’ll see that day — a loving partner or an abuser

If you’re concerned about a family member or friend, watch for several important symptoms that could signal she’s in an abusive relationship and needs help. These include:

✓withdrawing and making excuses not to see friends or family or do activities they once did (this can be something the abuser is controlling)

✓seeming anxious around their partner or afraid of their partner

✓having frequent bruises or injuries they lie about or can’t explain

✓having limited access to money, credit cards, or a car

✓showing an extreme difference in personality

✓getting frequent calls from a significant other, especially calls that require them to check in or that make them seem anxious

✓having a partner who has a temper, is easily jealous, or very possessive

✓Pay attention to these signs. You should also watch for clothing that could be hiding bruises, like long-sleeve shirts in the summer.

We continue the last part on the next post, on how to seek help.