About Us

We wish to bring many good things to life.

Who We Are

We are speaking up! The time is now.

Usikimye was the brainchild of Njeri Wa Migwi and Stella Khachina Busolo. They were concerned about the spike in GBV as well as femicide case that kept rising. By forming Usikimye they believed their passion and commitment to help stop Sexual and Gender Based Violence prevalence.

Usikimye therefore mandates to become a one stop SGBV care center that provides comprehensive services to SGBV survivors that include psychosocial support, medical evaluation and treatment, emergency contraceptives for females of reproductive ages, forensic analysis, trauma counselling, paralegal services and transitional safe rooms


We are Usikimye!

We are a women led organization whose services are reliant on volunteer time of the co-founders for the general operations; salaried caregivers to take care of the victims and survivors; security for the safe houses; and paid social workers who do the rescues alongside the founders.


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a range of practical service to victims and meaningful support to empower survivors.



Our Mission

Our mission for our Livelihood Support Program is to help survivors across Kenya reclaim their dignity and be sustainable through programs such as computer literacy, and entrepreneurship boot camps. These programs help residents of the home move forward as they will be equipped to get jobs/start businesses.