Usikimye will be providing victims of gender-based violence with SHORT TERM safe places to stay for a maximum period of one month.


Here is our resource list for the organizations and individuals that help victims of violence ranging from emergency care to post care resources


We are combining a team of lawyers to give out advise on the best course of action that victims can take, in conjunction with support from Usikimye team.

About Usikimye

Usikimye is a community of united Kenyans, aiming to challenge harmful VIOLENT norms through having people share their stories and experiences that counter the objectification of women, alternative forms of non-violent, AND gender equitable masculinity that are based on peace, caring and positive communication in a relationship, work or family setting. We shall address child abuse and the factors that instigate abuse.

We also aim to engage/put pressure on government organizations responsible for addressing gender/ violence against women and lawmakers and bring about legislative change and support to victims of gender based violence through non-violent, collaborative engagement. We aim at combating gender-based violence and also hold the government accountable for the policies they put in place.

Percent of Kenyan women experience GBV

children are sexually abused annually in Kenya

Percent of Kenyan men experience GBV

Amount Required monthly to keep the safe home running


We have been silent for so long, and this instigates the violence culture. We are speaking up! The time is now.


There is power in our stories, there is power in solidarity and there is power in information. We are using a podcast series to talk about the unspoken and end SGBV


We are focusing on the mental health awareness aspect as a core response and awareness practical tool to combat Sexual and Gender-Based Violence.


Using the lens of a camera, we shall have a visual story telling and video series to share stories, do interviews to open up candid discussions on how we can end SGBV.


Using our BLOG, we shall share resources, stories, and database to initiate much needed actions to end SGBV.

We shall not be silent any longer

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A form 1 girl at Sena Mixed Secondary is alleged to have been brutally murdered after...

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